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The Propelling Downtown Forward initiative is directed by 64.6 to foster downtown economic development.  The masterplan includes sustainable growth in retail, attainable residential, increased bikeability, walkability and cultural spaces downtown

The Propelling Downtown Forward initiative encompasses an in-depth analysis of previous downtown and city plans. In recent years, the emphasis has been placed in the Downtown corridor at the request of Fort Smith citizens. Propelling Downtown Forward complements the Future Fort Comprehensive Plan with a planning design that is executable while incorporating neighborhood stabilization and economic development.  To see the plan, click #PropelFS

The Unexpected brings unexpected art to an unexpected place.  For the past four years, The Unexpected has invited world-class artists to create works of art in historic downtown Fort Smith.  The event is curated by Justkids, a global creative house that curates and promotes comprehensive art project on an international scale.

The festival setting provides an intimate experience between the spectator and artist, creating a bond to the artist, the artwork, and the environment, as a unique experience found nowhere in Arkansas.  Most importantly, The Unexpected gives the citizens of Fort Smith pride of place and a renewed dedication to building a healthy and sustainable community.

The eastern entrance to downtown Fort Smith represents an opportunity for a beautiful and memorable gateway into our downtown.  This intersection has recently activated as one of the projects of The Unexpected.  This effort by 64.6 Downtown was meant to improve the entrance, but is not a permanent solution.  

The new entrance, Gateway Park, will be a beautifully landscaped park that incorporates three statues of figures with historical significance to Fort Smith.

Isaac C. Parker, Frontier Judge & Community Leader, will be the featured subject.  He represents law and order in the late 1800’s and was an advocate for education of all and women’s rights.  Judge Isaac Parker will be joined by John Carnall, who represents public education, and Sister of Mercy Mother Superior Mary Teresa Farrell, who represents the establishment of health care during that time in our history.

Gateway Park will be a gathering place for residents and visitors to learn about the contributions of all three leaders to our community.

The artist selected, Spencer Schubert of Schubert Design, is a figurative bronze sculptor.  His work explores the strengths, weaknesses, tragedies, and successes of people such as our three individuals being honored.

Gateway Park is scheduled to be completed late 2019.