Garrison Commons Rental Agreement

Rental Fee: $300 per event to be paid in advance to 64.6 Downtown (4 hours) $400 per event to be paid in advance to 64.6 Downtown (up to 8 hours)

Hours: The Commons is available for event rental from 8am until 11pm on a reservation basis and fee basis, not to exceed 8 hour of use.

Security: A security and clean-up deposit of $100 is required in advance, along with the rental fee. The $100 deposit will be returned via U.S. Mail within 10 business days, contingent on all of the following requirements being met:

  • No trash is left anywhere on the theatre, park grounds or alley
  • All trash sacks are removed from cans and placed in the dumpster provided
  • Clean trash sacks provided are placed in cans
  • There is no damage to the facilities as determined by a representative of 64.6 Downtown

Alcohol: The Commons is private property and the following rules apply:

  • In order for alcohol to be served at your event you must provide uniform FSPD or Sebastian County Sheriff Deputies on site at least 30 minutes prior to your event and until the alcohol service has left the commons area.
  • City and ABC regulations do not allow anyone to walk out of the Commons with an alcoholic beverage on their person. If this occurs your event is subject to an immediate shut down by the on-duty officer and a fine or arrest could occur with the person or persons causing that action.
  • 64.6 Downtown will not be held liable for any and all actions in the Commons during the event.

Live Music: 64.6 Downtown’s professional quality P.A. system is available for rental during your event. The fee is negotiable and depends on the musical or other performance on our 8’X12’ stage.

Food: Our food truck vendor has first right of refusal to sell food at any event. If you choose not to use our vendor for a catered event, and do not charge your guests for food, you may use an outside licensed caterer, with prior approval by a representative of 64.6 Downtown.

I have read, and understand, the Garrison Commons rental agreement. Attached is payment in advance, for the date above. Included in my payment is a $100 deposit that will be refunded, contingent on returning the park as I found it.