is inspired by outlaws and the US Marshalls who chased them, this large piece shows a masked cowboy riding his horse and a skeleton hand shooting a pistol painted in D*Face’s trademark pop-art style.

D*FaceTrail of Tears

is a simple yet striking concept. In 1838-1839 the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands east of the Mississippi River and walk to what is now present day Oklahoma, traveling through Arkansas.


Darby was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas and is best known for his organization of the First Ranger Battalion during World War II. He was deployed with the 34th Infantry Division to Northern Ireland in 1942 and it was there he organized and trained his new elite commando unit which would come to be known as Darby’s Rangers. Darby was killed in combat in Italy while issuing orders to cut off a retreat of German soldiers. Relying on the inspiration of their late commander, the rangers continued their mission and all German forces in Italy eventually surrendered. Darby’s techniques were untraditional for the time period. Darby’s Rangers eventually evolved into the present day Army Rangers.

Ana Maria

Quote from the artist, “ In my imagination, different dimensions of life and time collide to create characters with mixed phenotypes, animal, mechanical and human, functioning parallel to a story that I feel every second I spend on the process but only the spectator can tell.”


Using jackhammers and chisels, Vhils used his unique process to create a stunning portrait which was based on the first photographs made of Native American Cherokee.


Belgium artist Roa is known for painting monochrome animals, typically painting rodents native to the area he is painting. Roa leaves Fort Smith with “The Mole” and “The Otter”in his trademark black and white style.

Bicicleta Sem Freio

Brazilian duo Bicicleta Sem Freio unveiled “Catira”. The Catira is a typical dance from the interior area of Brazil, where Bicicleta Sem Freio are from, and is performed by ranchers and farmers. This piece is their tribute to the town of Fort Smith, Arkansas. As usual with Bicicleta Sem Freio, the colors are vibrant and electric.


who is known for painting portraits of indigenous people had the honor and pleasure of photographing descendants of the Cherokee Nation to create his piece. This tribute to the Cherokee is Askew’s present to the people of Fort Smith.

UAFS Students

Designed by UAFS teaching staff member Bryan Alexis and painted by UAFS art students, the mural displays Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the moveable-type printing method, backdropped by whizzing colored boxes reminiscent of the digital age.